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Petra Kvitova, the tennis star who was attacked last year is doing everything humanly possible to ensure that she gets back in the game and competes in the French Open coming up soon.

Kvitova, a two-time Wimbledon champion was forced to remain out of the game after an intruder broke into her name and slashed her left dominant hand back in December last year.

In the aftermath of the attack, she immediately went in for an emergency surgery which helped in repairing the damage done to her nerves and tendons. Ever since then, she has been working her way slowly back into fitness.

As a major part of her rehabilitation process, the player took out time to train in the Canary Islands in a bid to recover in time so as to get back into the game.

Feeling that she is seemingly fit to compete once again, Kvitova has entered her name for the French Open Draw which is to be held on Wednesday in Paris. She has however warned that the tournament may come too early for her and as such, there should be no raised hopes. Read more »


The recovery of Petra Kvitova, World No. 12 after she was stabbed on the hand is still very uncertain.

The last time she sent in something through her social media account was in the 31st of January, after spending a few days near the Canary Islands in the Lanzarote Club.

She had gone to train with her team and tennis racket but recovering from the surgery on her left hand has not been an easy process. The surgery which took place on the 20th of December last year came on the heels of a robbery attack on her in her home in Prostejov where the attacker posed as a maintenance worker and got into her home.

In a bid to fight him off, Kvitova was slashed on the left hand which resulted in the tearing of her tendons while also affecting all five fingers of the hand and two nerves as well. Read more »


There seems to be no fuse as two-time Wimbledon champion, Petra Kvitova switches coach with her Czech Republic team mate, Karolina Pliskova.

Kvitova now ranks 11th and will work with Jiri Vanek, Pliskova’s former coach as she prepares for the 2017 season. Kvitova splits with her coach David Kotyza last month, ending a seven-year partnership. Meanwhile the 6th ranked Pliskova has hired David Kotyza.

Both coaches made remarkable achievements with their former players as Vanek was phenomenal to Pliskova’s ascend to the 10th position, and reaching the US open final. Kotyza on the other hand, has seen Kvitova to winning 17 WTA titles including Wimbledon in 2011 and 2014, during their seven year partnership.

However, Petra Kvitova will obviously be spending much of the off season tending a stress fracture in her right foot. The Czech Republic tennis player had to withdraw from the game on the final day of Fed cup finals because of a foot injury. The WTA season was not a total lost for her though as she finished by winning 16 of her 18 matches.

She spoke on the extent of her injury on a Facebook post, saying: “unfortunately I have a stress fracture in my right foot and need to wear a brace for two weeks. While my 2017 preparation is inevitably delayed, I hope to able to start my season on time at Hopman Cup.” Read more »

Petra Kvitova is a unique skilled person

In the professional circuit, there are players with extraordinary potential who would simply take your breath away and then, there are players with average skills, but, there are not too many who are like Petra Kvitova.

It’s very frustrating to be a Kvitova fan to be honest.

When you achieve glory at the Grand Slam level for a couple of times, it means you are a World Class player and thus, consistency is expected from you.

But, Kvitova has been a different case altogether. There is a huge difference between her best game and the worst. She can be a world beater today, but, you shouldn’t be surprised if you see her putting up an absolutely lethargic performance the other day. That’s her. That’s the way her career has shaped up till date.

If it’s her day, any opponent would find her hard to stop, but, if she is off colour, her game sees a significant drop and she just throws the towel in. There is just so much of irregularity in her game.

Of course, in sports, there is no guarantee. Every player suffers shocking defeats. But, the kind of inconsistency Kvitova shows in her game despite being so talented, it’s mind boggling. Read more »

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