The recovery of Petra Kvitova, World No. 12 after she was stabbed on the hand is still very uncertain.

The last time she sent in something through her social media account was in the 31st of January, after spending a few days near the Canary Islands in the Lanzarote Club.

She had gone to train with her team and tennis racket but recovering from the surgery on her left hand has not been an easy process. The surgery which took place on the 20th of December last year came on the heels of a robbery attack on her in her home in Prostejov where the attacker posed as a maintenance worker and got into her home.

In a bid to fight him off, Kvitova was slashed on the left hand which resulted in the tearing of her tendons while also affecting all five fingers of the hand and two nerves as well.

Miroslav Cernosek, her manager was the one that confirmed the seriousness of the injury and the struggle his client was facing.

“The injury is more serious than what it seemed to be. Petra is working to come back to the court, but the comeback doesn’t depend on her. I don’t want to speak about it.” He concluded.

At the time, the recovery plans in place had it that within six to eight weeks after she had gone under the knife, she would be able to once again move her hand and get back into the court.

Clarifying himself 24 hours later after the interview, Cernosek noted that everything was going as had been planned and his client was still back at Lanzarote where she was in constant training.

As of last year December after the incidence, Kvitova was quite hopeful that she would be making a comeback this year.