Petra Kvitova, the tennis star who was attacked last year is doing everything humanly possible to ensure that she gets back in the game and competes in the French Open coming up soon.

Kvitova, a two-time Wimbledon champion was forced to remain out of the game after an intruder broke into her name and slashed her left dominant hand back in December last year.

In the aftermath of the attack, she immediately went in for an emergency surgery which helped in repairing the damage done to her nerves and tendons. Ever since then, she has been working her way slowly back into fitness.

As a major part of her rehabilitation process, the player took out time to train in the Canary Islands in a bid to recover in time so as to get back into the game.

Feeling that she is seemingly fit to compete once again, Kvitova has entered her name for the French Open Draw which is to be held on Wednesday in Paris. She has however warned that the tournament may come too early for her and as such, there should be no raised hopes.

The statement posted on her official Facebook page read thus; “I wanted to provide a quick (and hopefully positive) update for you.

“My name will appear on the entry list for Roland Garros because, as the entry deadline approached, I had made good progress in my recovery process and I want to give myself every last opportunity to be able to compete at one of my favorite events.”

Going on, she statedthat she may not be ready to compete in Paris but wishes to give herself a chance and keep a positive mindset. She also noted that although a long road remained ahead, she would keep her fans informed.