Petra Kvitova Moves To Classic Tournaments

For those who have been following the tennis career of Petra Kvitova, they had probably realized that she had potential to win the major tournaments and she has proven that right.

By now she is a proud champion of Wimbledon title, which she achieved twice. This year she has been able to add another achievement feather to her cap. She has obtained a draw at the Aegon Classic Birmingham which has been another achievement for her.

The titles she won were in the singles category, one in 2011 and the other in 2014. Having won two titles at Wimbledon she has displayed her tenacity to hold on and persevere, not allow her playing levels to drop. Having obtained the Wimbledon singles titles she has gained a position among the women players of grass court category, especially of her generation. When the Birmingham tournament came but this year she stated that she was excited to get an opportunity to play again in a venue where she has last played in 2008. The tournament has grown since then. She feels that it also gives her an opportunity to hone her skills in playing on grass courts. Read more »

Petra Kvitova registered a winning percentage of 69

Petra Kvitova registered a winning percentage of 69 in the recently finished season which was the lowest for her in the last 5 years, but, you can’t quite say that she had a disastrous season or even a poor season for that matter.

But, at the same time, you can’t even say that she did well.

She is such a unique sort of a player, Kvitova. She always does enough for you to stop yourself from saying that she’s in poor form, but, you always feel that she is not doing justice to her potential.

She is such a highly skilled player that there’s no way she should have been outside top 5 at this stage of her career.

She produces pieces of brilliance at times, but, only at times.

She even did so this year. There were tournaments in which she put on outstanding displays and then, there were ones in which she was less than ordinary leading to an up and down season again, something which is not new to her.

It must have been immensely frustrating for her supporters, but, they should now almost be getting used to her inconsistency because it’s always been like this with her.

It’s such a shame for a player of Kvitova’s calibre. She has the potential to absolutely smash her opponent with the kind of power and ability she has, but, somehow, from time to time, she finds a way to fail. Read more »

Petra Kvitova is a unique skilled person

In the professional circuit, there are players with extraordinary potential who would simply take your breath away and then, there are players with average skills, but, there are not too many who are like Petra Kvitova.

It’s very frustrating to be a Kvitova fan to be honest.

When you achieve glory at the Grand Slam level for a couple of times, it means you are a World Class player and thus, consistency is expected from you.

But, Kvitova has been a different case altogether. There is a huge difference between her best game and the worst. She can be a world beater today, but, you shouldn’t be surprised if you see her putting up an absolutely lethargic performance the other day. That’s her. That’s the way her career has shaped up till date.

If it’s her day, any opponent would find her hard to stop, but, if she is off colour, her game sees a significant drop and she just throws the towel in. There is just so much of irregularity in her game.

Of course, in sports, there is no guarantee. Every player suffers shocking defeats. But, the kind of inconsistency Kvitova shows in her game despite being so talented, it’s mind boggling. Read more »

Petra Kvitova has now decided to stay away from Miami

After not featuring in Indian Wells at the start of this month, Petra Kvitova has now decided to stay away from Miami as well.

While taking her name out of the Indian Wells, Kvitova had stated that she just wanted a short break to be able to recharge her batteries as she had been feeling quite a bit weary past couple of weeks.

It seems her batteries have not got fully charged yet and that’s why, she has decided to extend her self-imposed break.

The ongoing season is just about 15 weeks long. At this stage, you don’t really expect the players to be withdrawing because of weariness.

So, some eyebrows would have been raised on Kvitova missing two back to back events.

In Kvitova’s case, it’s a little more surprising because she has only played a handful of matches this season. She has not gone that far in any of the tournaments which she has participated in and thus, she has had breaks between her outings already. So, for her to complaint about exhaustion, it’s slightly indigestible.

Maybe she wasn’t full fit coming into the season. She would probably have been carrying niggle somewhere. Read more »

Petra Kvitova confident winning Titles at any Court

Petra Kvitova is keen to show the World that she is not just a grass court specialist and that she can win big trophies on other surfaces as well.

Kvitova has never won a Slam other than Wimbledon so far in her career and that has prompted people to question her credentials as an all round player.

The critics are of the opinion that the 24-year old is not quite a threat on hard or on dusty surfaces.

Kvitova has made it to the semis in the Australian Open as well as in the French Open in the past. Still, the question marks are there over her versatility and that would remain there until she wins a slam in one of those two countries. Read more »

Petra Kvitova – Czech Republic Player

Petra Kvitova is a professional tennis player from the Czech Republic who currently plays on the WTA Tour. Known for her powerful left handed volleys, the Czech beauty is one of the most decorated active players on the WTA circuit at the moment with a record of 14 singles titles which includes two famous victories at Wimbledon.

Kvitova broke through the tennis circuit in 2011 and during that first season, she won her first major singles titles, winning the Wimbledon and becoming the first and only active tennis player, male or female to become a Grand Slam winner who is born in the 1990s. 2011 was a highly successful year in terms of success for Petra Kvitova as she went on to win the year ending WTA Championships as well before leading the Czech Republic team to the Fed Cup title.

The Czech player turned professional at the tender age of 16 years in 2006 but it took her almost a couple of years to find her feet in the professional level as she took her time to settle down. But once she did, her blistering talent was there for all to see as she became a regular in the WTA events, winning matches with ease but it was not until her Grand Slam success at Wimbledon that she became a household name throughout the tennis world.

Apart from winning Wimbledon twice, the second of which came in 2014, Petra Kvitova is alos a two time semi finalist of the French Open and Australian Open but she has never managed to breach the fourth round barrier of the US Open. Her win at Wimbledon in 2011 saw her reach a career high ranking of world number two in October 2011 and she is currently ranked as the fourth in the world.