Petra Kvitova registered a winning percentage of 69

Petra Kvitova registered a winning percentage of 69 in the recently finished season which was the lowest for her in the last 5 years, but, you can’t quite say that she had a disastrous season or even a poor season for that matter.

But, at the same time, you can’t even say that she did well.

She is such a unique sort of a player, Kvitova. She always does enough for you to stop yourself from saying that she’s in poor form, but, you always feel that she is not doing justice to her potential.

She is such a highly skilled player that there’s no way she should have been outside top 5 at this stage of her career.

She produces pieces of brilliance at times, but, only at times.

She even did so this year. There were tournaments in which she put on outstanding displays and then, there were ones in which she was less than ordinary leading to an up and down season again, something which is not new to her.

It must have been immensely frustrating for her supporters, but, they should now almost be getting used to her inconsistency because it’s always been like this with her.

It’s such a shame for a player of Kvitova’s calibre. She has the potential to absolutely smash her opponent with the kind of power and ability she has, but, somehow, from time to time, she finds a way to fail.

She has been the winner of two Grand Slams till now, but, apart from that, she has nothing much to show. She has not even made it to the finals of the slams on a regular basis.

A couple of semi final appearances in 2012 and a couple of titles in 2011 and 2014 respectively, that is all.