Petra Kvitova has now decided to stay away from Miami

After not featuring in Indian Wells at the start of this month, Petra Kvitova has now decided to stay away from Miami as well.

While taking her name out of the Indian Wells, Kvitova had stated that she just wanted a short break to be able to recharge her batteries as she had been feeling quite a bit weary past couple of weeks.

It seems her batteries have not got fully charged yet and that’s why, she has decided to extend her self-imposed break.

The ongoing season is just about 15 weeks long. At this stage, you don’t really expect the players to be withdrawing because of weariness.

So, some eyebrows would have been raised on Kvitova missing two back to back events.

In Kvitova’s case, it’s a little more surprising because she has only played a handful of matches this season. She has not gone that far in any of the tournaments which she has participated in and thus, she has had breaks between her outings already. So, for her to complaint about exhaustion, it’s slightly indigestible.

Maybe she wasn’t full fit coming into the season. She would probably have been carrying niggle somewhere.

The statement, that Kvitova released to confirm that she was not going to appear in Indian Wells, read, “For some reason, I am not feeling as fit as I need to be at this point in time to play at this level. I think it’s better for me to take some time off and get the energy levels right up there again. I hope to be back soon after having some good rest.”

Kvitova was fourth in the most recent rankings published by the World Tennis Association. But, she might come down following her absence from the two key tournaments.