Murrays Mother Stands Behind Decision

The mother of Andy Murray, Mrs. Judy Murray, reckons that her son has taken a good decision by appointing Amelie Mauresmo as his head coach as the Frenchwoman has got the necessary skills to do justice to the post.

Mauresmo’s appointment as Murray’s coach is only on a temporary basis at the moment, but, Judy believes that the former Australian Open and Wimbledon Champion would work impressively during the trial period and would end up getting a permanent job.

Talking to the reporters yesterday, Judy said, “I used to like Amelie a lot when she was an active player and that’s why when Andy told me that he was thinking about hiring her as coach, I 100% backed that.”

“Innovation and grace were two very important parts of Amelie’s game and apart from that, she was a thinking player too. I hope she makes Andy being a little more innovative on the court because that’s the quality that he has been lacking in the recent past. He used to be innovative a while back, but, off late, he has not been doing so.”

“I certainly believe that Amelie would prove to be a good coach. She might become Andy’s permanent coach too.  She is good enough for that.”

According to the information available, Murray has hired Mauresmo only for the next month at this point of time, but, if the pair gets going pretty well and the results are positive for Murray in the Wimbledon Championships, he would reward the Frenchwoman with a long term job.

Murray’s world ranking right now is 5, but, that would certainly go up a little bit if he is able to defend his singles crown at Wimbledon.

Murray has never been the world no. 1 in his career so far.